Why Has Gin Taken Off Recently?

The surge in gin’s popularity has been impressive, and one that you might have noticed we at the Hole In The Wall have taken to heart – we now have a vast range of 40 gins, many from small batch spirits makers for our customers to enjoy.


What, though, is behind gin’s spectacular rise? There are a number of reasons why this spirit, in particular, has become such a big part of the public conscience.


It Mixes Well

One of the best things about gin is the fact that it mixes so well with other drinks, turning what could be a rather dull beverage into something much more exciting. Gin and tonic is still popular, of course, and it’s a lovely, refreshing drink that can be enjoyed at any time of the year, but there are lots of other mixers that you can try. Some of the most popular include:


·         Cranberry juice

·         Bitter lemon

·         Ginger beer

·         Tomato juice

·         Sparkling elderflower

·         Soda water


Perfect For Food

Search for restaurants near Chichester, and you’ll find that there are some great ones out there, and we’re one of them. We have a great range of food on offer, from burgers to pizzas and sharing platters too.


What has this got to do with gin? Well, unlike wine or perhaps even beer to some extent, gin can go well with any food. Formal or informal dining, a big roast dinner or a sandwich snack, a tall glass of gin with some kind of tasty mixer, or even gin on the rocks if you prefer, will give you the ideal accompaniment.


Much More Choice

In the past gin was not so popular, and certainly not with the younger crowd who preferred ‘alcopops’ or Bacardi and vodka. Gin was even seen as an older person’s drink; perhaps something that your grandparents would pick if they were in a pub.


As time has gone on, however, more and more craft distilleries have opened up, allowing for many different versions of gin to be made. Whereas in the past there were only a handful of brands (and they all tended to taste very similar) which meant choice was limited and there was certainly nothing exciting about gin, today there are hundreds of different gins around, 40 of which are right here in our bar.


Exciting new flavours and mixes, even different colours, smells, and certainly a lot of new ideas have made gin an interesting drink to try. You can taste the different infusions and find all kinds of weird and wonderful versions of this versatile drink. This is one of the reasons why it has found popularity, but also one of the reasons why there are more and more flavours being produced, so the circle will never end.


The Local Touch

One thing that gin producers can offer is the local touch. There are so many craft distilleries that you are almost guaranteed to find one nearby. If you are looking at venue hire Chichester and you want to have locally produced food and drink from the area too, then gin could be the ideal answer.


Locally produced good has much less impact on the environment, and it’s good to support the local economy. Choosing gin means you can do both of those things, so no wonder it is a popular choice.

Richard Craig